• Toby Roscoe
    Location: Polaris, MT
    Baler: ZR5-1200 Self-Propelled Baler

    Toby Roscoe puts up about 20,000 bales per year as a rancher and custom operator in Montana. That’s a lot of long days. So when he baled an average of 1.6 to 1.9 times more bales with the ZR5-1200 compared to his conventional baler in nine fields, he knew adding the machine to his Vermeer lineup was the right move.

  • Danny Wann
    Location: Poteau, Oklahoma
    Baler: 604R Signature

    Danny Wann was tired of the constant maintenance battles with his previous baler, and it certainly didn’t have a place on his farm in the long run. His dealer suggested he try the Vermeer 604R Signature baler. He tested it and had no issues with the baler — and from there he was hooked. The 604R Signature was built to last, and to him it’s all about baler durability.


  • Jeff Jones
    Location: Fulton, Missouri
    Baler: 504R Premium

    You want a baler to outlast its payments, but for Jeff Jones of Jones Angus Farms in Fulton, Missouri, it was more than that. Jeff puts up an average of 10,000 bales per year and baler longevity was beginning to seem like a fictional idea that described a baler that did not exist — until he found Vermeer. “I strongly recommend any Vermeer equipment,” Jones said. “One reason I believe in Vermeer is the people we have backing it — we trust them. If you look around here, all of our hay tools are Vermeer.”

  • Brad Pollema
    Location: Sioux County, Iowa
    Bale Processor: BPX9010

    Brad Pollema dreamt of spending his life feeding cattle since he was a young boy on his Sioux County, Iowa, family farm. Today he’s living out that dream as a feedlot owner and operator. Every day he watches his cattle grow and enjoys the satisfaction he gets from being a part of something bigger — feeding the world.

  • Tom Schwinn
    Location: Leavenworth, Kansas
    Trailed Mower: TM1410

    Tom Schwinn, a third-generation farmer and second-generation owner of Schwinn Farms Incorporated in Leavenworth, Kansas, has spent his fair share of time in the field. Mowing, raking, baling, chopping, planting, harvesting and choring. While Tom was pretty happy and content with his current operation, he made one change and wow did it make a difference — switching to a Vermeer® TM1410 trailed mower. The Schwinn family was pulling three 10-ft mower conditioners with just as many tractors, and they had to hustle to mow 5 acres an hour with each machine. Now they’re mowing at 12 – 14 acres per hour with a single 20-ft trailed mower.

  • Tyler Knight
    Location: Lowry City, Missouri
    Netwrap of Choice: Vermeer™ Net

    Unfortunately for Knight — who operates a 100-head cow-calf beef operation and custom hay business in Lowry City, Missouri — the quest to find the best netwrap came with a few hiccups along the way. Knight, who doesn’t own a Vermeer baler, started using the netwrap that was recommended by his baler manufacture but he was continuously having bale losses, ripping close to 10-20 percent of his bales. After a Vermeer maintenance tech showed him Vermeer Net, he was able to bale 347 bales in one day and with zero tears.

  • Craig Wofford
    Location: Lula, Oklahoma
    Baler of Choice: Vermeer 604N baler

    When third generation rancher Craig Wofford was due for a new baler, he knew he was ready to try something different. The other brands of balers just weren’t tough enough, productive enough, or gritty enough. The Vermeer 604N baler changed that. In the year of running the 604N in his rugged field conditions, Craig hasn’t had to change a single pickup attachment tooth. Not one. The durability and simplicity of the 604N was just what Craig needed and that is why he switched to Vermeer.

  • Rick Moore
    Location: Flushing, Ohio
    Mower Conditioner of Choice: Vermeer MC3700 mower conditioner

    Rick Moore’s old mower could wear through a set of belts in no time. It was so good at shredding belts, in fact, he carried four spares at all times. Then he switched to the MC3700 mower conditioner. Not only does it mow cleaner and more efficiently, in his opinion, but its durability and ease of maintenance means he doesn’t have to carry spare belts anymore.

  • Scott Pridmore
    Location: Consul, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Bale Processor of Choice: Vermeer BPX9000 bale processor

    Scott Pridmore’s old bale processors, which used paddle drives to turn the bale, plugged up about once per week. Then Scott switched to the Vermeer BPX9000 bale processor, which uses a slat and chain bale rotation design to feed bales consistently into the rotor. Almost four years and roughly 7,800 round bales and 2,200 square bales later, the BPX9000 has never plugged up on Scott – not once.

  • Dan Shamburg
    Location: Tekamah, Nebraska
    Baler of Choice: Vermeer 605N Cornstalk Special baler

    The tines on Dan Shamburg’s old baler used to break often, and lying in the dirt changing tines isn’t his idea of a good time. Then Dan switched to the Vermeer 605N Cornstalk Special baler. He’s put up 10,000 bales of hay and cornstalks without breaking a single tine while baling. Think of all the time he’s saved by making the switch to Vermeer.

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